August stories

Making the move from a newspaper editor to a freelance writer is a big change and I’m still making the adjustment.

I’ve continued writing articles for the newspaper where I worked for 17 years, and now comes the tricky part – reaching out to other publications and organizations. One of the reasons I made the shift to freelance was an attempt to better balance my career with my family life so I’ve also been busy with back-to-school activities.

I’ve joined the Freelance Writer’s Den, which has provided a wealth of knowledge about a freelance writing career. This past month, I’ve watched webinars, listened to podcasts and focused on soaking up information about freelance writing. I had been active in the American Jewish Press Association as an editor and rejoined as a freelancer and participated in a freelance webinar that provided an opportunity to speak to (former fellow) editors of publications in other states. I also have worked on my writer’s website (with guidance from the Freelance Writer’s Den.)

Stories I wrote this month included articles about a program that assists families in becoming foster or adoptive parents,  an interview with a woman who assists Jewish communities in Morocco and Tunisia,  an agency’s increase in services for victims of domestic violence, leaders in the Phoenix Jewish community discussing recent violence on the eve of President Trump’s visit to Phoenix and efforts to fight acts of hatred in Phoenix. I also wrote a press release for a local nonprofit agency. This past week I turned in articles about an agency’s grant guidelines and an article about Rosh Hashanah decor, both scheduled for a September issue.

Plus my three kids returned to school this month so there were school supplies to buy, back-to-school nights to attend and adjusting to our new schedule. So it’s not like I haven’t been busy, but now we’re on the eve of September and I’m realizing I don’t have much lined up yet for next month. This has been the most challenging part of the switch to freelancing – no guarantee of a paycheck, but knowing there will soon be bills to pay.

Deep breath. Time to move forward.


Business cards have arrived

Since my previous business cards came from the companies I worked at, this was my first time ordering a business card of my own. My husband recommended Vista Print, an online company he’s used in the past so I gave it a try.


The site is easy to use and offers a wide variety of templates to choose from. I opted for one in the marketing and communications field – one reminiscent of my notebook and pen days out in the community covering a story. Pictured above is the front and back of the card, (the coffee stain is part of the template.)

Time to launch

Hello there,

I’m excited to announce the launch of Content Medley – a new business focusing on quality content for publications and businesses.

Cyberspace is filled with lots of content, which can be a good thing because it’s a great way to communicate ideas and news. Unfortunately, there’s lots of misinformation swirling around and sometimes important messages get lost in all the noise.

Here in our corner of the Earth, our goal is to produce quality content for publications and businesses in an effort to improve our world – and Cyberspace.